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Tangerine, a concern of Meghna Executive Holdings, is a one stop solution house to enhance the business goal of your organization and Human Asset. We understand and speak your industry language to stay connected with your business priorities. We offer a wide range of HR Services, Business Solutions, Executive Education, Advising Solutions which will flourish your business in the emerging company market.

We believe in delivering diversified services in the country to uphold skillful human asset as the national representor.

Our focus is to understand your business and enrich your work process by providing skilled manpower along with management services. Our services will help your business to have cost efficient outcome with next level of success. As a result, we will serve an effective role in National economic growth.

Why Us

Tangerine limited focuses on adding value to our esteemed customers. In fact, we do not engage ourselves in any project unless we feel we will be able to add premium value to the customer. With the HR Consultants of our team, our human resource strategies stay in focus, timely, and help you to avoid legal risks. Tangerine can offer the best resources/referrals to professional expertise, when you are in way over your head. Our services are: