Each professional seeks professional learning materials to become better and to develop skills and knowledge. However, due to time constraints, it is extremely difficult to attend physical classes. So, E-learning is a good platform to learn the necessary education by utilizing free time.

E- Learning is the delivery of learning through digital electronic resources. E-learning employees are critical for maintaining a competitive position in a market or industry. E-Learning helps employees to take training and classes on company policy or other knowledge from remote locations. It will also help them attend classes from their busy schedule at any suitable time.

Tangerine helps the employees to have E-Learning remotely from their suitable place. We have excellent trainers who are experts at providing training online. It will help you to get training directly correlates with better productivity. It creates opportunities for career development and particular growth of workers. Training employees with better knowledge which helps them in their career trajectory. We provide Employee Training, Compliance Training, Customer training and Partner Training. This training will motivate them and will engage them more in their work.

The type of training we provide