HR Audit

HR audit conducted by Tangerine determines if your company’s current HR policies, practices, and procedures are meeting compliance requirements and are contributing to the bottom line. Our HR audit identifies these weaknesses and provides solutions to reduce the risks to your business. We determine your unique needs and address them, by closing the gap between how HR is handled now and how it should be done in the future.

During an HR audit, we conduct a thorough well-rounded review and analysis of the following HR areas

In reviewing these areas, we determine whether an organization is in compliance with the labor law rules and regulations of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. We also conduct an in-depth analysis of HR processes and procedures such as recruiting, hiring, pay and termination practices to ensure they too are compliant.  Upon completion of the audit, clients receive a detailed report followed by an in-person debriefing of our findings and recommendations. Should the client request assistance with executing any recommendations, Tangerine is available to help every step of the way.