Performance Management

Performance management is the continuing process of communication between managers and employees and it helps to accomplish the strategic goals of the company. It is the core foundation for employee performance and engagement in your organization. Every employer wants its employees to reach their maximum potential and boost their productivity and success. If performance management is not monitored properly, it can de-motivate employees.

Tangerine supports its clients in setting up all elements of managing and aligning them with the business specifics and strategic goals. We also support the management of our client by setting up SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals together with their employees covering the future assessment period. We have a group of qualified performance administrators who will deal with everything for you. To cope up with a great change in performance management, Tangerine is making it modern, engaging and transparent. Besides, tying into many other changes in how employees are managed and exposed to learning in a digitally transformed world.

Process of Performance Management

Process of performance management includes

Benefits of Continuous Performance Management

By choosing the performance management service from Tangerine your company and employee will be benefited in several ways.

Performance Appraisal

As performance appraisal is crucial for your organization, Tangerine will conduct it for you with the promise of boosting employee productivity and improving the whole outcomes. Against a predetermined set of objectives, we will not only determine a factor in an employee’s wage rise and promotion but also will evaluate your employees’ skills, strengths, and shortcomings accurately.

We assist you to choose the right performance appraisal method for your organization. We conduct three modern methods of performance appraisal.