An effective manpower can lead the company to achieve its goal. That’s why the needs of high performing executives remain constant. Identifying and attracting these talents and providing them from the exact industry to operate functional roles can be tough and time consuming.

Tangerine has unique searching ways. We apply real insight into clients’ strategic requirements and proven assessment tools to recruit leaders who have the necessary skills, experience and personal qualities to advance company strategies and achieve outstanding results in Bangladesh. Moreover, we do not believe in relying solely upon advertising, because experience shows that good candidates do not expose themselves by applying in advertisements.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary job is a position where employees are needed in an urgent basis but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality of the employees. Moreover, we should hire a candidate who will be more skillful and experience to complete the work more effectively. But hiring an employee for a period of time can be time consuming and hassle.

Tangerine offers temporary staffing services to the clients who are looking to hire resources for a particular period of time (weeks, month, year). We keep the vital statutory information for these representatives on brief administration. We are also able to give industry standard benefits customized to client’s requirements for guaranteeing equality in representative benefits between company’s staff and temp staff.

Interim Recruitment

Hiring candidates for a period of time with versatile experience is very difficult to find out. Recruiting an interim doesn’t mean inadequate quality in lower cost instate it mean hiring a cost-effective expertise employee. Interim recruitment is a job opening for a fixed period of time with a specific expertise or skill in an organization.

Tangerine has experience team member in the interim field and can provide a pool of candidates with the accurate expertise that will be highly productive to your organization. We maintain a process in hiring an interim to maximize your opportunities and growth.

Bulk Recruitment

A bulk scale recruiting event doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the quality of hire. But It’s difficult for recruitment team to point out the exact needs and demands of hiring campaign to draw a successful plan.

Tangerine is successfully doing skill recruitment nationwide. We have experienced staff in recruiting talents with multiple skills for any sectors. We are continuously managing a big number of employees’ recruitment for our clients, for example- health care, express, banks, technologies etc.

We have a big recruitment team who are experience in hiring bulk employees keeping the maximum quality in a short period of time.

Skill Recruitment

It is difficult to set the accurate manpower in the suitable position. Bring out the wrong skills and talents for the company can lead the company into many difficulties. So, it is very important to identify the skills and provide it in the proper position to bring out the maximum output.

Tangerine is the right place for handle your skill recruitments. Our expertise team analysis and assess the skills of the manpower. By which we can provide the perfect skilled employees in the suitable position in your company.

Define the Requirements– Identify the skills and industry that are demanded by the client.
Screen CVs & Create a Shortlist– Screening all the CV and create a shortlist of the most suitable candidates
Interview– Interview the candidates based on their area specific skills and experience. Moreover, we will provide situational plot to judge their skill to handle the situation as per client demand.
Check References– we will check all the references as per client demand.

Onshore Recruitment

Onshore job is developing in Bangladesh. It is creating a high need of manpower on the onshore site. But searching the employees for onshore is very difficult to find out and also require many processes. Example- Hiring employees for powerplant, development project etc

Tangerine has the ability and information to assist drive your company forward by finding the foremost capable ability within the industry. Our team totally understands your necessities and uses our access to a large pool of talents to identify the suitable candidates for solving all your hiring issues. For that we provide excellent service in effective time.

Assessment Center Program

Assessment Center Program is a tools for hiring new employees as well as assessing the existing employees. This assessment process is really an important part of any company to understand the service quality of existing employees.

We offer our customers a comprehensive Assessment Center Program both online and offline to assess the talent pool. We do assessment for both inhouse employees and talent acquisition.

If it is for hiring potential new employees, then we make a framework as per our client’s requirements and source the candidates with proper R&D. Before assessment day, we take a preliminary interview of all the candidates and shortlist a candidates pool for day long assessment. On assessment day, we practice different tools such as group discussion, case study, in-basket/in-tray test, individual and group presentation, role-play and many more to evaluate their different competencies. After completion of all the exercises, we provide access to our online platform to check individual result of each candidates and group result of all assessed candidates.

If we provide Assessment Center Program for the existing employees, we mostly follow the same process with a few adjustments according to the requirements of our client.

Expatriate Recruitment

Every company ensure their place in the competitive market. For this reason, they try to make a competitive edge by improving the quality of product or service. Companies want to hire experts from foreign countries to improve its product and create a new dimension in the competitive market. But hiring an expert from a foreign country is very difficult to find out and contact them.

Tangerine has expert team member who have high contacts out of the country. We do R&D of every position and with the proper strategy find out the right expat for your position. We even support you with all the related work to recruit experience employee for the designated department of your company.